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Valentino Green Back pads have gained tremendous popularity and success among repair technicians, as well as professional musicians and band directors. And many stores prefer them in their rental stock because of their durability and long life. Two of the major band instrument manufacturers, Yamaha and Buffet, install Green Back pads at the factory on all of their student clarinets.

Green Back pads can be installed in the exact same manner as regular bladder skin pads:

  • Remove old glue from key cup.
  • Apply hot melt glue or shellac to back of pad or key cup.
  • Heat key cup (see Pad Cup Heater), insert pad and level (use minimal heat).

Whether working with standard bladder skin pads or Green Back pads, opinion varies as to whether a 'seat' or crease in the pad surface is desirable. If a seat is used, it is generally agreed that it should be of minimal depth.

With skin pads a seat is generally accomplished by lightly clamping normally open keys. Green Back pads can be given a seat by using a hot air gun (low setting) held for a 4-5 seconds several inches away from the pads. Then hold the key in a closed position until pad cools. Light action key clamps (see #4702 Key Clamp) may be used if a deeper seat is desired. Keys that are normally closed will form their own seat without heat or clamping.



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