All of our hinge rod screw material is precision ground W-1 drill rod that holds a diameter and roundness tolerance of ± .0005" (0.0127mm), providing excellent material for making replacement hinge rod screws. This is an easy task with the correct materials and tools.


  • Determine the correct diameter rod needed and thread size.
  • Hold the rod at an approximate 30° angle to your bench grinder and rotate the rod in a slow, steady, continuous manner until an even taper is formed at the rod's end.          
  • Clamp the rod in a bench vise with tapered end facing straight up about 1" above jaws. Insert the correct size die in the die handle and set the die on the rod's end. Apply a drop of Acculube or other thread cutting oil in the center hole of the die. Grasp the die handle with two hands and position the handle so that it is perpendicular to the rod. While exerting a fair amount of downward pressure slowly turn clockwise 1/2 to 1 revolution.
  • When the die begins to make a good bite into the rod, turn it counterclockwise just enough to clear away the cut metal (you'll feel a definite 'break'). Reverse die direction, carefully threading the die back over the area just threaded. With downward pressure turn the die another 1/4-1/2 turn and then reverse direction enough to break away chip. Continue in this manner until the desired length of thread is cut.
  • Cut off desired length and cut slot for screwdriver. If desired, a needle file can be used to square off the shoulder area of the screw.

Understanding Thread Size

Decimal Cross Reference Chart




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