Tesch's new POWER BRASS is a fast-acting acid cleaner that quickly removes heavy scale build-up from slides, valves, etc. And it provides a highly effective alternative to the corrosive, toxic cleaners that have been used in the industry for years.

Use as a pre-dip for Classic Brass: pre-cleaning with Power Brass for up to one minute before immersion into Classic Brass solution saves valuable time by eliminating heavy scale from slides and valves.

Formulated as a low fuming health conscious substitute for muriatic acid, POWER BRASS cleans with less chance of harm to metal and protective finishes. Used as directed, Tesch POWER BRASS removes heavy scale from brass, nickel, silver, bronze, and copper. NOT for use in ultrasonic machines.

Before / After

"One minute pre-dip in Tesch POWER BRASS, rinse with water, and immerse into ultrasonic with Tesch CLASSIC BRASS solution for three minutes. Repeat process if scale remains. Silver may require a light polishing." Dana Hofer Brass Repair, Des Plaines, Illinois

    • Fast acting, saves time cleaning

    • pH level: 1

    • Effective and health conscious substitute for muriatic acid

    • Minimal fumes and lower evaporation rate

    • Ships non-hazardous

    • Dilution mix ratio 1:4 (1 part Power Brass to 4 parts water)

    • Sold in 1 gallon bottles

    • SDS (MSDS) Health Safety Rating:
      POWER BRASS Cleaner has a health rating of 1 - "Caution, may be irritating"
      Muriatic Acid has a health rating of 3 which indicates "Warning , corrosive or toxic"

For professional use only.

Tesch Chemical Company has set the standard for band instrument cleaning and is making a commitment to provide band instrument repair technicians with a complete line of health conscious, superior products. They clean without harm to metal or protective surfaces. Tesch has a long standing reputation within the Band Instrument Repair industry. For more than 20 years, repair shops have used and trusted their brass cleaners; co-developed by Ken Skitch, a well respected Master Repair Technician, and Tesch Chemical Company.

Non-Cancelable / Non-Returnable Policy for Tesch Products: standard policy in the chemical industry requires that products that ship from the manufacturer cannot be returned and resold. Therefore, once an order for any Tesch product has been placed, and has dispatched from the manufacturer's facility, the order cannot be canceled, nor returned for exchange or refund. If you have any questions or would like additional information please contact us before placing your order.

SHIPPING INFORMATION: Tesch products ship direct from the manufacturer and will be packaged and shipped in a separate carton. If ordering other products you might wish to place separate orders as more shipping options may be available.

When ordering 6 or less gallon bottles of multiple Tesch products the shipping cost will be less than what is shown during checkout. When we process your order we will adjust shipping charge to the lower cost.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: For shipment outside the continental United States please contact us with your order and we will reply with shipping options and price.

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