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Made from precision ground drill rod, each finely polished mandrel holds a diameter and roundness tolerance of +/- 0.0005" (0.0127mm), qualities that far surpass other mandrels on the market.

All mandrels have a full radius machined and polished on one end to prevent snagging while inserting into badly dented slide pipes and to prevent putting ridges in the crook area. The mandrel's other end is number indexed for easy identification. Overall mandrel length is approximately 36" (91cm).

Regardless of the technique used in working on slide pipes, be it using a burnisher, roller, or dent hammer, the technician will typically want to use the size mandrel that comes closest in size to the inside diameter of the slide pipe.

Our STANDARD SIZE mandrels listed above are what have traditionally been available in the musical instrument repair industry. Diameter sizes of these mandrels graduate by 1/64" (0.0156", (0.397mm) and will work well on many instrument models.

Our CUSTOM SIZE mandrels listed above offer diameter sizes that are between the standard size mandrels, and are specifically designed to work on the popular trombone models listed below. These mandrels all come within 0.002" to 0.004" (0.051mm to 0.101mm) of the pipe's inside diameter of the models listed, and provide a notably significant advantage over the standard size mandrels in removing dents and reshaping the pipe.

#2082 Custom Size Mandrel 0.539" (13.69mm)

  • Jupiter 332, 432

  • Yamaha YSL-354

  • Selmer TB300, 1523

  • Holton TR 602

  • Bundy

  • Conn 16H, 18H (old style)

#2083 Custom Size Mandrel 0.585" (14.86mm)

  • Bach 42, 42B

  • Jupiter 536RL, 636L

  • Conn 8H, 88H

  • King 4B, 5B

  • Getzen 451, 1047

  • Holton TR150, TR158, TR159, TR160, TR680

  • Yamaha YSL-648, YSL-681, YSL-682, YSL-446G, YSL-447G, YSL-448G

#2084 Custom Size Mandrel 0.524" (13.31mm)

  • King 2B, 605

  • Conn 14H, 17H

  • Olds - various models - pre 1970

  • Martin Committee - pre 1970



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